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This cold rainy morning I headed up the driveway with umbrella in hand to retrieve the Sunday paper. From about one hundred fifty feet behind me I heard a crash and metal banging on the ground. Going back to the house I discovered that the American flag had fallen. The bracket was still securely attached to the house and there was little wind. I could see no reason why it should not have fallen.

With coffee in hand one of the first articles I stumbled upon was Good intentions along the road to hell - U.S. will not recover from week's SCOTUS decisions by Craige McMillan. The article was on the U.S. Supreme Court’s two recent decisions on Obamacare and (gay) marriage. It was the last sentence of his article that caught my attention. He wrote, “If there were no supernatural element to this, America could perhaps at some point recover from these decisions. There is. She won’t.”

What do you mean the United States won’t recover?

Anyone who has been paying attention has watched the rapid moral, social, cultural, and economic designation of the United States of America. For many there is no longer any truth, there is no God or evil. We can't even keep ten simple commandments. You remember Jesus saying if you love me you will follow my commandments or Moses saying to the Israelites before they crossed the Jordan River to take possession of the Promised Land. "Today I set before you good and evil, choose good." But consciously or as useful idiots, a growing number of Americans are at war with God. Legislatively, by executive order and through judicial activism the country is at war with God. Historically as we know it doesn't end well. The recent two Supreme Court "opinions" are as detrimental as the Roe v. Wade on abortion in hastening our demise.

I can hear the politically correct fools saying to God your laws are outdated. You better get on board with the gay marriage ruling. I would expect the younger generation saying to God “you can judge me,” that the words in the Bible are “hate speech” or a macro or micro aggression. In their foolishness and folly they endanger the entire country. In acting as God they condemn future generations to suffer God’s wrath and judgment on the nation for their sins.

I have researched God's hand in history (Providentialism) for many years. There are dire consequences for nations that turn against God. Conversely for those nations that follow God's Laws and Commandments there is liberty, happiness, prosperity and protection. Our founding fathers and patriots knew that truth and tried warned future generations. But evil triumphed in education and the past three to four generation of Americans have been taught a Godless version of their country's history.

Biblically the family has always been the basis of civilization. Our founding documents support what God has ordained. We know the court had no authority constitutionally nor Biblically to redefine marriage. The final battle between God and Satan prophesied by Sister Lucia-Fatima and others would be over marriage and family. In the country’s war with God the Supreme Court‘s recent opinions are hardly surprising.

Whether the flag falling this morning is a message from God or just a coincidence in a broader sense probably doesn’t matter. After contemplating Craige McMillan comments that She, the United States, won’t recover, I have reluctantly concluded he is probably right. I expect the country first will be bought to its knees in mortification to turn people back to God. As I wrote on my book, In GOD We Trust: George Washington and the Spiritual Destiny of the United States of America, the “people and country must be found worthy of the blessing and grace of divine intercession, and of being saved.” If the country is saved, which I hold out hope it will be in some form, it will no longer resemble the country as we know it today.  


“The eternal struggle between these two principles-right and wrong… from the beginning of time.”
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